Experience of a Theater, Sport’s Arena, or Arcade –without ever leaving your home!

Your Home Theater System can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, from a new 3D Plasma, or LCD wall-mounted television with a digital quality sound system, to a Super High-End Media Room with plush leather reclining theater seats, a Home Theater 3D Projector, and Wall-Sized Anamorphic Screen. Your Home Theater can deliver every bit of the same experience you love in a commercial movie theater.

Home Theater Systems Installation

THEATERS + TECHNOLOGIES pre-tests & pre-wires components as much as possible before delivering to the job site. Once on site, we’ll trim and dress all wires for connections, install control systems, perform system tuning, calibrations and optimization procedures, and then commission and debug the entire system operation.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

Security for your family, home or business is an important factor in this day and age. Although there are many devices that you can install to increase your security, a professionally installed cctv package by THEATERS + TECHNOLOGIES is an effective, preventative solution that also guarantees you peace of mind.
Having CCTV cameras not only help to prevent burglary, theft and damage but also provides you with a tool to keep an eye on things when you’re not at home or work.


• Connect remotely from your mobile device from anywhere in the world
• Obtain high definition video of any event in or around your property
• Check up on the kids or pets
• Night vision cameras give you eyes outside in the dark, while you’re inside your home
• We specialize in discretely locating your system, preventing unauthorized tampering with the recording device

Multi-Zone Speakers

Entertain your guests or customers with a multi-zone speaker system from THEATERS + TECHNOLOGIES. Play light background music or rock out while you clean the house or throw a party. This is the best way to get sound through your home discretely and effectively at both low and high volumes.

Why Multi-zone Speakers?

• Discrete look with small to no foot print
• Get high quality sound all through your home or business at low volumes
• Spread music right through your home or business and still enjoy a conversation
• Adjust individual volume for specific speakers
• Select or isolate specific speakers
• Easy integration with home theatre systems
• We have various streaming solutions for your new multi-zone speaker setup

Home Automation

Put your home on auto-pilot with THEATERS + TECHNOLOGIES’ wireless home automation anywhere, anytime. View real-time video. Change your A/C or heat temperature. Turn lights on or off. THEATERS + TECHNOLOGIES gives you the freedom to control your home from anywhere.

Why Home Automation?

With smart home technology, you can:

• View secure real-time video, control lights, thermostats, small appliances and more
• Receive email or text message alerts of events happening at home
Manage your energy consumption with automated programming or wireless control: Set your thermostat or your lights to turn on and off based on your schedule

We Carry:

• Nest Thermostats, Smoke and CO2 Detectors
• Lutron Caseta Lighting Controls
Lutron Caseta Shades and Blinds
• August Locks
• Smart Remotes