The smart home devices in the market are equipped with energy saving technologies. Nest brings to you a wide range of security system products. These products have programmable, sensor driven, and Wi-Fi enabled features. Nest thermostat and Nest Protect smoke and CO detector are efficient home automation products. These keep your home safe and save money too. The Nest products are designed with in-built and advanced technology. It safeguards your house and keeps you connected to it through a smart device!

Nest Thermostat

In 2011, Nest introduced Nest Learning Thermostat with a front-line technology. Nest Thermostat is built around a mechanical learning process. This is an eco-friendly device. It optimizes the heating and cooling settings for your house and workplace. Initially, you have to control the thermostat as per your needs. Later, thermostat’s sensors adapt and change the energy saving mode. This depends on your usage and personalized schedule.

The newest and third generation Nest Learning Thermostat exhibits a new look. It is available with a finer display area and updated rings. Nest Thermostat is based on an operating system. It allows the thermostat to spin and control changes thru touchscreen or smart device. You can monitor the energy usage by the daily Energy History and monthly Home Report. Nest offers services like automatic updates, fix bugs, and other promotional services for Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.

Nest Protect Smoke and CO Detector

Nest introduced the first Nest Protect product in 2013. It is equipped with a voice-activated system. The device alarms you in advance, in case it detects any endangered situation. The all-new and latest Nest Protect, a smoke and CO detector is equipped with an advanced technology to detect smoke or carbon monoxide. The Nest Protect features are automatic and easily adjustable through a smartphone.

The Nest Protect consists of many new and unique features. One of the chief features of Nest Protect includes the ‘New 10-year CO Sensor’. It has an improved carbon monoxide sensor system. This ensures accuracy and safety for the user. Nest Protect frequently checks its batteries. It has the ‘Sound Check’ feature to keep a regular check on its speakers. The Nest Protect makes your path brighter with its ‘Pathlight’ feature. It lights up the detector if you walk beneath it in a dark room! The ‘Steam Check’ uses the custom algorithms and senses humidity. This helps to ward off any false alarms due to steam buildup.

Premium Choice for Your Safety

Energy companies offer Nest Thermostats and Nest Protect as a top notch choice to its customers. The Nest Protect communicates with Nest Thermostat to power down the furnace, in smoke or fire incidents. These self-programmable smart devices are reliable and easy to install. These automatically adapt to your lifestyle to keep you and your house safe and secure!