Experience the smart living home system with Caseta Wireless by Lutron. Lutron Caseta Wireless system works through an innovative mechanism. It enables you to create a connected home system. You can control lights, thermostat, and shades through one-touch fingertip on your smart device! Caseta Wireless works through Lutron’s patent Clear Connect┬« technology. You get an ultra-reliable and consistent wireless performance. This ensures best Smart Home technology for your house!

Starter Kits with Easy Installation

Lutron Caseta Wireless system is easy to install. To start with, you can build a simple yet smart lighting system. Later, you can add more products to your system. For first time buyers, a starter kit is a great option. There are various starter kits available depending on your choice.

  • Smart Lighting Dimmer Kit for wall and ceiling lights.
  • Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge for wall and ceiling lights.
  • Smart Lighting Dimmer Kit for table and floor lamps.

You can also shop for various products and mix-match them as per need and convenience. Lutron Caseta Wireless works compatibly with other home solutions as well. It is feasible to expand your smart home system by incorporating Caseta Wireless with other partner products like Apple, Xfinity, and Nest.

Lutron App for Caseta Wireless

Lutron Caseta Wireless works seamlessly through the Lutron App on your smartphone. This app provides the user a personalized home experience. Get free Lutron app from the App Store or Google Play to get access to the given features.

  • Lutron app allows you to control lights, shades, and temperature settings from anywhere. It provides complete comfort and Get access to this app and stop worrying about open shades or thermostat settings while you are away.
  • Lutron app light control system helps to save energy. It allows you to manage and change the thermostat settings to maximize savings. The app allows you to set a schedule for lights and temperature settings. It automatically adjusts and switches on/off the lights, shades at set times.
  • Lutron App for Apple Watch feature lets you regulate the light, shades, and temperature right from your wrist.

Some New Additions

Caseta Wireless by Lutron finely integrates with some new additions. This provides an extended smart home technology throughout your house.

  • The latest Caseta Wireless ELV (Electronic Low-Voltage) + dimmer are a perfect choice for ELV and LED bulbs. This dimmer effortlessly extends and connects the home system. It is equipped with a button that automatically recalls the preferred preset level for your ease
  • The all-new Smart Away feature manually or automatically turns the lights on/off during the evening. With the geofencing feature, Smart Away controls the lights based on your location and make changes as needed.
  • Lutron Caseta Wireless can now easily incorporate with the Sonos Home Sound System. It controls lights, shades, as well as sound settings through the Lutron app or Pico remote controls. You can adjust Sonos wireless speakers and audio settings with utmost convenience and comfort!