August Locks and August Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras are designed to keep a track of the activity at your door. These products perform many functions through an authorized device. Both these products are equipped with smart functionality features. The August Locks are smart locks that convert your smartphone into a smart key. Through the August Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera, you can detect and monitor the visitors on the door even before they ring the bell!

August Smart Locks – Go Keyless

August locks are smart locks that work through a mechanism that uses a smart key (your smartphone) instead of traditional keys. These work electromechanically to perform various door functions. This includes to lock and unlock the door, monitor and track the visitors, and to send alerts for critical events. The August locks are equipped with auto-lock and auto-unlock features. These automatically lock the door once you leave and auto-unlocks when you are back!

With August Smart Locks, you can create virtual keys for your family and friends. These keys have limited access that automatically expires after a given date. The keyless August Locks makes the daily door activity easy to manage. The ’24/7 Activity Log’ feature helps you to keep a track of visitors or persons that use the virtual keys. The August Home app updates the smart key information, when used to lock or unlock the doors.

August Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera – A Smart Choice

August Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera is available with the on-demand live streaming feature. This can be activated to monitor your door activities. It is equipped with a 1,280×960 HD resolution, a rare feature in Wi-Fi doorbells. For privacy purposes, the doorbell is available with only one-way HD camera. These Wi-Fi doorbell cameras consist of a special feature that records all the door interactions. You can replay the door activities to verify the arrival time and activity of each visitor.

August Home App to Track Activities

The August Home app is a great tool to keep track of your August Smart Locks and August Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras. The app gives you instant notifications for the August Smart Locks and August Wi-Fi doorbell camera activities. The smart locks by August make you the key master of your ‘Smart Home’. The Wi-Fi doorbell camera is an appealing product when integrated with August Locks. It alerts you via its existing mechanical chime! These products are an integral part of the August Smart Home Access System. These allow and let you control your house door even when you are miles away!